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Armin Peter

Armin Peter

Capital Markets Consultant

## Armin Peter: Driving Sustainable Banking and the Digital Transformation in Capital Markets

 Armin Peter is a visionary leader at the forefront of Sustainable Banking and the digital transformation in Capital Markets and the Banking industry. With over 25 years of experience, he has been instrumental in driving technological advancements, embracing new infrastructure, standards, and governance to propel the sector into the digital and decarbonised age.

 As the former Global Head of Debt Syndicate and Head of Sustainable Banking EMEA at UBS Investment Bank, Armin spearheaded several groundbreaking initiatives. He played a pivotal role inventing the ICMA Bond Data Taxonomy, helped positioning UBS at the forefront of developments in the Digital Bond space, was part of establishing the UBS Sustainability and Impact Organisation and in setting up the UBS Green Bond Funding Framework illustrating the leadership knowledge for the two cross cutting topics towards Sustainable Banking. 

 Armin's expertise lies in leveraging cutting-edge technologies to streamline processes and drive efficient monetization opportunities. He served as the Business Lead in UBS's DCM Tech Agenda, overseeing Digital Bond issuance and Primary Bond Market infrastructure advancements. His leadership was instrumental in the successful execution of the HKMA multi-currency Digital Green Bond issuance, showcasing his commitment to sustainable finance and digital innovation.

Furthermore, Armin's contributions extend beyond UBS, as he was a Member of the GFMA Board, Chair of the ICMA FinTech Advisory Committee, and an ICMA PMPC Member, shaping the industry's technological trajectory.

 With his visionary leadership and deep understanding of the digital transformation and sustainable finance, Armin Peter continues to drive the Capital Markets and Banking industry towards a more technologically advanced and sustainable future.

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