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Guillaume Pichard

Guillaume Pichard

Assistant Deputy Minister, Province of Québec

Guillaume Pichard joined the Ministère des Finances du Québec in 2006 as an interest rate derivative trader. In December 2023, he was appointed Assistant Deputy Minister – Financing, Debt Management, Banking and Financial Operations. His chief responsibilities consist of carrying out long-term borrowings for the Québec government and managing the Québec government’s debt.

He also supervises treasury operations including short-term financing, foreign exchange, and derivatives operations for the portfolios under management at the Department of Finance. He oversees financial engineering research concerning debt management and credit risk management regarding the counterparties of the Québec government.

He was previously the Managing Director of Capital Markets and Treasury which consisted of managing the issuance of long-term debt for the province of Québec on the Canadian and foreign markets and managing risk, treasury, and sinking fund operations. He also heads Québec’s Green Bond Program.

M. Pichard holds a BA in administration from UQTR and an MBA in finance from Université Laval, where he started his career as a lecturer for the Department of Finance.

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