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Richard Mullender

Richard Mullender

former hostage negotiator, Scotland Yard

Richard Mullender is the founder of The Listening Institute which brings the elite level listening skills used by hostage negotiators into the corporate world. Mullender’s premise is that once you know what to listen for in any negotiation, you can truly understand who you’re talking to. And once you genuinely understand them, you can boost your power to influence

Some years’ ago, Mullender was working as a London detective and hostage negotiator. Word of his interviewing skills spread and he was asked to become Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard’s National Hostage Negotiation and Crisis Unit. By drawing on his experience of negotiating with the Taliban, dealing with extortion threats overseas and diffusing domestic sieges, Mullender radically overhauled protocol at Scotland Yard. Mullender’s eminently practical approach impacted on the global scene too. Hugely influential bodies from the United Nations to the FBI invited him to share insights with them. Mullender then established his own training company, sharing elite level listening skills with the business world. International success quickly followed. The corporate world saw the immediate value of understanding the drivers behind clients and colleagues’ attitudes and behaviour, using
elite level listening skills to uncover their true agendas and using those unique insights to influence outcomes.

Mullender has one simple mission: To teach the business world to listen like hostage negotiators so they can strike better deals. Richard hasshared hostage negotiation skills with the Bank of England, BAE Systems, KPMG and PWC.

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